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Blanking, Stamping, PunchingThe SALVAGNINI S4 system is the most technologically advanced solution for punching and shearing sheet metal. The tools in the punching head are actuated independently and are always ready to punch at any time. This eliminates the dead-time for tool changes, inevitable on traditional turret punch presses.

By integrating punching and shearing in a single machine, the S4 system eliminates the need to have two separate machines and forms a compact sheet metalworking center.

The S4 system guarantees maximum precision and process repeatability. A number of additional software functions enable it to plan production with maximum flexibility. It can also be configured in different modular solutions: from very simple to extremely complex and highly automated systems.

The S4 system can be used both as an autonomous machining center and as an integral part of a complete flexible sheet metalworking line.

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