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Hardware Assembly

HardwareAfter parts are punched, blanked, and formed, many times they require secondary operations. This may include processes such as de-burring, grinding, polishing, and buffing to remove sharp edges.

When itís necessary to join parts together, Genevaís highly skilled team of welders know what it takes to do the job in an economical and cost effective way. They are trained on various types of welding techniques such as MIG, TIG, resistance and/or spot welding.

Hardware insertion and the use of self clinch fasteners is another common method of joining parts together. Numerous types and variations of self clinching fasteners are available to help engineers solve complex sheet metal design assemblies or other substrate assemblies. Self clinch fasteners are available from several manufacturers, and include nuts, stand-offs, and studs to name a few. These types of fasteners are available in different grades of material such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Genevaís capabilities include these assembly methods as well as a host of others. We give you the confidence in knowing your next project is in very capable hands with Geneva.


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